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Video Showing One Of The World's Biggest Fish Caught On Camera In Canada

A gentle giant.
Video Showing One Of The World's Biggest Fish Caught On Camera In Canada

The ocean is full of magnificent and mysterious creatures.  If you are a fan of Planet Earth documentary series and Discover Ocean -  one the best wildlife pages on Instagram - then you will get a kick out of this video we recently came across.

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Unlike many of the predator-style animals videos and stories we post, this gentle giant is not at all dangerous or potentially harmful to humans. In fact, when this group of Nova Scotian boaters came across the fish, it was just at the surface of the water trying to chill and catch some rays; an activity that the Sunfish love to partake in to regulate their body temperature after a deep cold water dive.  

What's most intriguing about this tail-less fish is its sheer size. The largest ocean sunfish weighed about 2 tons which is comparable to an SUV. Making this beautiful sea creature the largest of the world's bony fish. 

Check out the video!

As you can see it's an odd looking and almost prehistoric looking fish. With a parrot-like mouth, this creature is only a predator to some other sea-life, spending its day swimming around slurping up jellyfish as its primary source of food.

The sunfish is not only a mysterious creature for North Americans, there is even a mobile game in Japan that has over 6 million downloads that's kind of like a Tamagotchi-style game but with a Sunfish as your pet. How cute is that, and more importantly - where can I download this game!?

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