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Video Showing Person In Quebec Dropping Ice On Cars From A Highway Overpass In An Extremely Dangerous Prank

If you've ever driven in Montreal, you know there are more obstacles than Grand Theft Auto. That said, usually those obstacles are traffic cones and pot holes — inanimate things that don't mean us any harm, despite the harm they cause.

It's a little rarer to see someone being intentionally malicious on the road. But in this video, caught on a Quebec dash cam, there's proof that sometimes people are literally the worst.

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TL;DR Caught on a Quebec dash cam: someone throwing snow/ice of a highway overpass, right onto the windshield of a moving car on what looks like Quebec's Autoroute 40.

Sure Montreal drivers like to honk but no one's trying to hurt anyone else...

The same can't be said for the culprit in this video, though. It's pretty clear what they're trying to do. 

I'd like to think this person isn't really trying to hurt anyone. Let's hope it's just a stupid teenager trying to be funny — and let's hope someone catches them soon enough, because this isn't funny at all, it's dangerous.

Via Spotted: Dash Cam Quebec

Stories like this have cropped up through the years and the outcome of many of these instances is death. An Ottawa man had to deal with damage to his vehicle on top of the terrifying experience. A woman in Ontario had to have extensive reconstructive surgery after someone threw concete at her windshield. 

The most terrible: a man in Nashville died a couple years ago after someone threw a chunk of concrete through his windshield. 

While snow is not a chunk of concrete, ice certainly is. And we've all been in a snowball fight that has ended with a hunk of ice being thrown, by accident or not. 

Caught in the act: the car's rear camera shows proof of foul play.

Via Spotted: Dash Cam Quebec

In the top left-hand inset, you can see someone ducking under the small concrete wall of the overpass, though not quite quick enough.

Check it out below:

What would you do if someone threw ice or snow at your car? Would you get off the highway and double back to find them? Call the police? Or just let out a couple swears and then let it go? 

I'd like to think I could hunt the person down and lecture them into apologizing.

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