Video Showing Justin Trudeau's Insane "Workout"

You've always wondered how he was able to maintain that 'prime' body.
Video Showing Justin Trudeau's Insane "Workout"

Justin Trudeau is a superhero, everyone knows that.

Think about it: he routinely appears shirtless. He was on the cover of a comic book He can even fall down stairs without getting hurt.

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And as a superhero, Justin has no time for your puny human workout methods. When he trains, he uses a motha fuckin' gyroscope.

Hell, he didn't even bother changing out if his suit. That's how awesome he is.

@JustinTrudeau qui fait du gyroscope au centre des sciences à #Sudbury @ScienceNorth #polcan

— Mélanie Joly (@melaniejoly) August 21, 2016

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