Video Showing Quebec Snow Plow Go Up In Flames

The poor plow was trying so hard it set itself on fire.
Video Showing Quebec Snow Plow Go Up In Flames

Another day in Quebec, another vehicle on fire, apparently. I guess people failed to read my earlier article about why vehicles are a lot more likely to catch fire in the wintertime.

This time, it was a snowplow out on Autoroute 138, just past Baie-Comeau.

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TL;DR We've come across yet another video of a vehicle stranded on the side of the road, completely engulfed in flames. This time, it's a snow plow out in Baie-Comeau. Scroll down to see the video. 

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The video above was shared with MTL blog of a bus in Montreal that also went up in flames last week.

The video below was taken in Franquelin which is just east of Baie-Comeau on the north side of the Saint Lawrence.

The video was taken around 5:30 PM on Sunday night, according to the Journal de Quebec.

Le Journal also reported that no one was injured in the incident, according to Quebec Police.

I find this happening out in the middle of nowhere way more terrifying than if it had happened in the city.

Because if this had happened in the city, we know firefighters would have been on the scene within minutes.

But out in the middle of nowhere, it's way harder for emergency first responders to get on the scene - fewer roadways to get there, fewer firetrucks and first responders and more distance to cover make it all the more difficult to deal with these kinds of situations.

So I'm not surprised that Le Journal de Quebec reported the 138 closed overnight until this morning, likely to deal with the snow plow and then to get another plow out there to finish the job of clearing the road.

Check out the video below shared by Facebook user Jimmy Fontaine...

Fingers crossed he wasn't driving while taking this video...

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