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Video Showing Quebec Woman Consuming Tar

What in 'tar'nation?!
Video Showing Quebec Woman Consuming Tar

Friends, I don't think I speak only for myself when I say that this video is highkey shocking.

Just in case you didn't watch it (which you totally should), let me give you the lowdown before I get into it:

The woman in the video - Emily, a 21-year-old Montrealer - admits that she's addicted to consuming tar. Literally, tar. Like the stuff used in construction, to seal roofs and wooden decks.

In the video, Emily is shown baking tar muffins, drinking tar out of mugs and jars, and even straight-up spooning tar out of large buckets.

She goes on to explain that her addiction got really bad during her studies, when she was super stressed out.

Then, the worst part? Emily actually shows us the easiest way she gets her tar fix. And it's by smoking basic, everyday cigarettes.

True, at this stage in the game, everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for you; it's common knowledge.

But also, it's maybe less commonly known that cigarettes are actually CHOCK full of toxic chemicals. Seriously harmful stuff, like tar, and about 7,000 other super toxic chemicals, most of them carcinogenic.

We all pretty much know about Nicotine, which is responsible for the super deep addiction that most people feel. But apparently, even though Nicotine promotes addiction no matter your age, a huge portion of smokers are between the ages of 18-24, to the tune of 29%... which is huge!

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Unfortunately, the shocking statistics don't just end there.

Cigarettes are responsible for the death of 7 million people around the world every single year; and in Quebec alone, tobacco kills one smoker every single hour.

It's actually so bad that every 10 minutes, 2 teenagers will start smoking. And eventually, 1 of those teenagers will die due to tobacco use.

Sure, the facts are terrifying. But it's not about being terrified. Despite what the tobacco industry tries to portray, there's absolutely nothing good about cigarettes - and that's not an opinion, it's cold hard fact.

Thankfully, you can avoid falling down the tobacco rabbit hole very easily. It's as simple as just not starting to smoke; and if you already are a smoker, then no worries. Quitting is DIFFICULT, for sure, but it's incredibly possible (and it's a whole lot easier than becoming another tobacco victim). Plus, there are tons of resources dedicated to helping you out.

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Want to learn more real truths about the tobacco industry? Check out the website for more facts, studies, and information.