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Video Showing "Santa's Reindeer Lost" On A Road In Canada

Will Santa find them in time for Christmas?
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Video Showing "Santa's Reindeer Lost" On A Road In Canada

Canada truly is a winter wonderland.

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TL;DR A video posted to Facebook by user Jason White shows multiple caribou wandering down a Canadian highway. Scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch.

With a stunning natural landscape, snowy winter weather, and an already jovial population, the country is practically made for the holidays.

Often, Canada is also host to some pretty incredible phenomena that give it an extra kick of holiday magic.

Such is the case this week. In a video posted to Facebook by Canadian Jason White, several caribou can be seen wandering down a rural road amidst a heavy snowfall.

"I think Santa’s reindeer’s are lost on the west coast!!! Coolest thing I’ve even seen on the road!!!" wrote White.

Of course, Santa is known to have nine reindeer. White's video shows at least ten caribou.

This discrepency casts doubt on his conclusion that these animals belong to the big man in red. But the video is pretty cool, nonetheless.

White had to honk his truck horn repeatedly to scare the reindeer off the road. According to City News, the encounter took place in western Newfoundland.

But millions of caribou (also known as reindeer) inhabit every corner of Canada. Each year, they participate in one of the largest migrations on the planet. They're a pretty incredible species.

Via Photo 89778825 © René Richard -

Watch White's amazing video below. Since he posted in on Thursday November 22nd, it has been viewed almost six thousand times.

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