Video Showing Snow Removal Truck Terrorizing Montreal Neighborhood

There's a special place in hell for these guys.
Video Showing Snow Removal Truck Terrorizing Montreal Neighborhood

Okay, I've said it once, and until it remains +10 every day, I'll keep saying it...

SPRINGTIME IS HERE!.. though our weather may not reflect that.

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With the new season comes the demise Montreal's awful snow removal, also known as the bane of Riley's existence. Yes, this issue warrants a third-person reference.

Hear me out. I don't drive, and I know all your vehicle owners probably rely on snow removal to be able to park properly because Montreal is packed so tightly that parking basically sucks wherever you are.

With that said, I am also from Prairie Canada, originally, and every winter watching the snow removal happen, as well as people trying to park and drive in harsher weathers, is laughable if not infuriating.

The city of Montreal invests a ton of money every winter into snow removal, and for me, coming from one of the harshest cities in Canada for winter, it seems a little bit over the top.

It seems in most neighbourhoods, but certainly, in my Sud-Ouest area, the workers removing the snow actually cause more grief than anything. My bedroom is at the front of our house, and it's on street level to boot.

@shomebonemotorsembedded via

The first thing that happens is that unholy sounding alarm to move your car. This has got to be the worst alarm to wake up to. It's blaring, high pitched and irritating as all f*cking hell. If it didn't fully wake you up the first time, count on it to do so when they sound the alarm, again.

Seriously, this is like the worst "snooze" feature on a morning alarm that you can never control. If this wasn't bad enough, then comes in the bloody tractors.

The workers operating these removal trucks have no regard for the residents on the streets they're clearing. The sound of metal scrapping away at the frozen pavement under the snow is startling.

The whole entire front of my house shakes from the vibrations, and this continues for a good hour as they clear the street. Essentially, in winter I sacrifice my mornings so people can park their cars - and they still don't park properly, anyways.

Now, in case I didn't paint you a relatable picture with my two-cents on this, take a look at this jackass and you'll understand.

This video right here shows exactly why I hate Montreal's snow removal efforts:

The author asked to not be named, but shared  this video that went viral on social media, and this video is from my neighbourhood!

I'd bet this guy is the same moron that clears my street! Knox is only a couple blocks over. The original author notes that the piece of work driving this tractor was pulling this crap at 7 AM.

7 AM!! Imagine how it could feel to be woken up this way, over and over throughout our longest and slowest season. This is unacceptable.

Now, if you want to drive and park your cars - go buy a damn shovel and clear the snow yourselves! Or buy/rent a house with a garage. I've done it. My mom, who is almost 60, does it.

Snow removal is only necessary some of the time. It's a waste of city money and resources... and I am far from the only one who feels this way. I understand that it is needed sometimes, I don't doubt this. As it stands now, it's a little ridiculous.

Check out this thread, where a Reddit user talks about snow removal trucks clearing basically empty parking lanes on a residential street at, wait for it...

Does anyone think snow removal is sometimes unnecessary?


... 5 AM! Yes, 5 o'clock in the damn morning! Suddenly my ranting feels misplaced.

Montreal officials - I beg of you, take note from cities who know what they're doing when it comes to winter and better yourselves.

We're Canadian, Montreal winters are not known to be "easy", but they could be a little better if we ax out snow removal as it currently is.

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