Video Showing STM Buses Crashing Into Cars Downtown Montreal

Absolute chaos.
Video Showing STM Buses Crashing Into Cars Downtown Montreal

One year ago today, Montreal was having a really rough morning.

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How rough? Let's just say it was absolute chaos! The first real snow of the year had fallen, but the city didn't spread any abrasives on the streets and the buses didn't have their winter tires on. 

The resulting mayhem was viewed by more than 26 milllion people, so we decided to post it once more to celerbate the one year anniversary of the famous disaster:

2021 Was Montreal's Hottest Year On Record

Here's what's in store for the first few months of 2022.

It's official — 2021 was the hottest year on record for Montreal, according to Environment Canada. It beat out the previous hottest years, 1998 and 2012, by a mean few hundredths of a degree.

This rise in temperature in Montreal is attributed to new weather patterns, causing scorching temperatures in June, August, September and October. "August and October were record-breaking months," said Environment Canada spokesperson Simon Legault.

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Winter in Quebec is in full force, and looks like Mother Nature is not playing around this week.

On December 15, Environment Canada has issued various weather warnings, including freezing rain and blizzard warnings for tons of regions in Quebec.

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The Quebec government is going to pump a ton of cash into Montreal-area public transit authorities in an effort to, hopefully, make your transit commute better. Chantal Rouleau, Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Metropolitan Area and the Montreal Region, announced a $24.8 million financial contribution for mitigation measures in public and active transportation.

"Because public transit is a sustainable solution to road congestion, it is essential for us to maintain the mitigation measures that have been implemented and that have proven their worth," Rouleau said in a press release.

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Those of you who pay your metro fare in cash — yes, all three of you — may have to rethink the way you pay in the new year. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announced that station agents at its booths will no longer accept cash beginning on February 7, 2022.

But those who prefer to use cash shouldn't fret. The STM isn't doing away with cash payments altogether. Automatic ticket machines, the STM's network of 350 ticket retailers, and buses will continue to accept the payment.

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