Video Showing Montreal STM Officers Forcefully Arresting Man At McGill Metro Station

Officers can be heard shouting "stop being aggressive."
Video Showing Montreal STM Officers Forcefully Arresting Man At McGill Metro Station

It's never a dull moment in any of Montreal's busy metro stations. Strange or even uncomfortable events occur from time-to-time. On some occassions we might even begin recording these moments, but most of the time we try to quickly exit the situation as soon as possible.

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TL;DR A video posted to YouTube documents the arrest of a homeless man in Montreal's McGill metro station. The STM officers are critisized for using "unnecessary violence" which can be seen in the video below.

Recently, though, images and videos of police arrests have quickly spread through social media. Such footage has provoked a nationwide conversation about police tactics.

A new video depicting a forceful arrest at McGill metro station has furthered this conversation in Montreal.

In the video below, you'll be able to witness three STM officers arrest an individual for reasons unknown to the public. 

The video abruptly begins in the middle of the arrest, with the man seen pinned to the wall inside of the station screaming in apparent pain and asking officers to "do it properly." While handcuffing the man, an officer continues to ask him to "stop being aggressive."

The individual then shouts back "I'm aggressive?" and can also be heard saying "So that's why you're kicking me?" Seconds before, you can see the officer kick the man (at 0:11 in the video).

The situation continues as officers move the man to another area of the station to continue the arrest. An officer does eventually approach the person recording the event, who accuses the officers of using "physical violence unnecessarily used."

The man who has been arrested can be heard asking for a video to be taken so it can be posted on YouTube. Obviously, his wishes were carried out.

Aside from this, not much information is known. There is no further updates on the man that was arrested or what sparked the event in McGill station.

It is unlikely, however, that the STM police will respond to this incident. Recall that the agency was largely silent when a video surfaced earlier this year of a more forceful arrest of a man at Guy-Concordia station.

Via Joe Lodge

The STM police agency claims that its officers only use a level of force appropriate for any given situation. But this is not the first time bystanders have accused officers of unnecessary force.

The video, of course, only offers one view of the incident. 

Stay tuned.


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