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Video Showing That This Magician From Canada Might Actually Be A Real Wizard

Not a lot of people know this about me, but I'm a big fan of Magic.

No, I don't believe in magic, I just find it impressive when magicians do those sleight of hand tricks which require a lot of skill.

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But there's one magician who puts reality into question, Darcy Oake.

He's been called the David Blaine of Canada, but it's really David Blaine who should call himself the Darcy Oake of America.

There are no disappearing assistants, no extravagant stage setups, and no bullshit. Just one man and some mind blowing illusions that will make you believe in Magic.

But enough hype, I'll let Darcy's tricks speak for themselves. and after you watch this videos you too might wonder if he's a real wizard:

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