Video Showing The Massive 150 Car Pile-Up On Quebec's Highway 40

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Video Showing The Massive 150 Car Pile-Up On Quebec's Highway 40

Back-to-back accidents on autoroute 40 and autoroute 640 yesterday caused huge delays for people who were travelling from up north. The accidents, which happened around 11 a.m., involved almost 150 vehicles. A sudden snowstorm, which greatly impaired visibility, is to blame for the accidents.

TL;DR A video shows the aftermath of the pile-up which happened on the highway shows the crazy implications of the crash, and how the people involved in it reacted.

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Because of the pile-up, Highway 40 was closed until 4 p.m. that day. Though many who had to be on the road today were surely annoyed, this video reminds us that there were very human consequences to the crash.

The cameraperson walks through the pile-up, and we can see a fraction of the cars who were involved in the accident. 

You can see just how badly some cars were hit: some cars are overturned, or lying in ditches. It is obvious by the dent on the front of some cars that the impact was hard. Other cars seemed to have narrowly avoided crashing.

People are walking around and investigating the damage done. In the background, one can see and ambulance. 

The video seems to stretch on forever, and we've only seen a small stretch of the vehicles that were involved.

In another, happier video, we can see people making the most of being stuck in the winter storm. Travellers got out of their cars to play a friendly game of shinny while they wait for the highway to re-open.

Only in Canada! 

And remember, another storm is set to break out tomorrow so, please, exercise caution on the roads.


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