Video Showing The MAYHEM Pokémon GO Is Causing In Montreal Right Now

Chaos. Just pure chaos.
Video Showing The MAYHEM Pokémon GO Is Causing In Montreal Right Now

Guys, I'm not going to lie to you. I'm really, scarily obsessed with Pokémon GO. I adore the game. I play it all the time, I weep when the servers are down, I talk about it all the time, my friends are annoyed of me... Honestly, I'm a little annoyed of me. But I don't care. Pokémon GO is now my life. I've accepted it. It's all good.

Which is why I'm really sad to let you guys know about a little incident that went down in Montreal last night.


According to this post by Reddit user emphase, last night, police had to intervene during a huge Pokémon GO gathering near downtown Montreal, at a notoriously lit Pokémon GO spot, after a Dragonite appeared.

This Youtube video was taken last night, apparently after the police's intervention:

There have also been sightings of massive littering in the area after the gathering, which isn't too cool, IMO.

While I do love the game, and definitely understand everyone's enthusiasm, I think it maybe might be time for us to tone it down just a decibel - or at the least just be a little more mindful of the city's laws.

We do a pretty great job of that anyway, but let's just be extra diligent. Pokémon GO brings people together like nothing ever has. It's an amazing game to get into, and I don't think anyone wants to see that ruined for a couple of things we can easily fix.

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