Video Showing The Montreal Children's Hospital Being Demolished

This building is no more.
Video Showing The Montreal Children's Hospital Being Demolished

The Montreal Children's Hospital has been in the stages of demolition for a while now, and a lot of people didn't really want to believe it. 

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Yesterday afternoon, it was officially demolished. And now, it's gone. Honestly, it's really weird to see that empty space there.

Even though it hasn't been in use since 2015 when it was moved to the new location at the Glen site, it still holds a really special place in a lot of people's hearts.

Pretty much everyone has had some kind of connection to this hospital; all of us were even born there, so (even if its a new building), it's sad to see it go down. 

Some families have had great experiences there and even consider it a second home, so it's a bit heart-breaking.

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Now while it's sad, it's also pretty darn awesome. I mean you actually see the building drop to the ground. They started by pulling down main structures with cables, but eventually, they really just had to make it go "boom". And, they did.

The crowd of spectators was enveloped by a massive cloud of smoke and dust as the ten-story structure fell to the ground.

People watching were kept waiting. The building was scheduled to come down sometime between 1p.m and 2p.m, but it actually ended up coming down around 4:20 p.m. 

The video is a little bit long, but if you skip to about 5:30, you can see the whole thing crashing down.