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Video Showing Unbelievable 12-Car Accident On Dangerous Snow-Covered Quebec Highway

There is some pretty serious damage.
Video Showing Unbelievable 12-Car Accident On Dangerous Snow-Covered Quebec Highway

At least twelve vehicleswere involved in an Autoroute 175  accident caught in a video recently uploaded to Facebook. 

The snowy and slippery conditions evidently caused a chain reaction in which several vehicles slid off the highway and into each other.

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TL;DR The aftermath of a twelve-car pile-up has been caught on camera outside Chicoutimi, Quebec today after multiple cars spun out of control, likely due to heavy snow. Watch the aftermath below.

This video literally looks like the beginning of an apocalypse movie. I sincerely hope that everyone that was involved is doing okay.

Police had arrived on the scene at the time the video was filmed, so hopefully, anyone that did sustain injury was quickly treated. TVA is reporting that there were only a few minor injuries.

In the video, the cars can be seen spun around in the wrong direction with multiple vehicles sitting smashed into each other.

One vehicle even looks like it may have caught fire at some point.

One of the comments on the video notes that the accident occurred "just after the junction of the small park and the laurentides park on the way to chicout[imi]."

The multi-car crash happened just before 11 o'clock this morning on the Autoroute 175 heading west.

This highway is currently completely closed in this direction and will remain so until all twelve vehicles are dealt with.

Vehicles involvedin the crash include a semi-truck, several half-ton pick-up trucks and a large rental-style van.

Multiple towing companies, as well as ambulances and police, arrived quickly to the scene.

Quebec 511 notes that the Autoroute 175 is currently "Snow Covered," as are most roadways in the area. But the site also notes that the visibility is poor and snowdrifts are common.

With these kinds of conditions, it's easy to imagine just one vehicle going too fast, not being able to see the car ahead of them has slowed or come to a stop, and boom, there's your accident.

Let this be a reminder to all drivers that even with your winter tires, only reduced speeds will ensure you can stop in time when the roads are this covered in snow.


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