Video Shows Idris Elba Test His Knowledge About Canada And It's Adorably Embarrassing

We love you, Idris!
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Video Shows Idris Elba Test His Knowledge About Canada And It's Adorably Embarrassing

If you've been scrolling through Netflix recently, you've likely seen the new show Turn Up Charlie, starring the talented Englishman, Idris Elba.

It turns out Elba is not only a talented actor and one of the most beautiful people in the world, he's also a fan of Canada (!), which just multiplies his lovability. 

To promote the new show, Elba participated in a game of "Made In Canada" with Netflix Canada. The video was posted to the Netflix Canada Twitter page.

Hilarity ensued.

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TL;DR Idris Elba played a game of "Made In Canada" to promote his new Netflix show "Turn Up Charlie." Hilarity ensued.

And now for your enjoyment: Idris Elba plays a game of Made In Canada

March 28, 2019

The game goes like this: an interviewer presents Elba with products and celebrities that he must identify as either Canadian or not with cards labelled "Yes" and "No."

The first object: garbage bags. Elba incorrectly assumes that garbage bags are not of Canadian origin. He responds by saying, "it's tidy in Canada!" Though we challenge him to visit Montreal after all the snow melts — the ground is covered in trash.

The funniest moment is probably Elba's false assumption that Steve Carell is Canadian. Though we concur with this response from another Twitter user:

Steve Carrel is just too nice to be American. Impossible not to think he’s Canadian 💓

March 29, 2019

Unfortunately all the Canadian items in the game are kind of lame: garbage bags, egg carton, fog horn.

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But Elba clearly has a good time and holds a fondness for Canada. We hope he visits!

You can watch Turn Up Charlie on Netflix here!

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