Video Shows Montreal Caleche Driver Pulling His Own Carriage

Yesterday protestors gathered in Montreal's Old Port to protest the caleche industry. They called for an end to the archaic mode of transportation that has left many horses maltreated.

Police quickly broke up the protest and even handed out a few hefty $640 tickets, but not before one caleche driver, Pierre Lauzier, exchanged a few choice words with the protestors. He told them the carriage wasn't as heavy as they thought, to which they responded with the classic "prove it." Pierre then unhitched his horse Knockout and personally gave four protestors a ride for a few blocks through Old Montreal.

Check out the video of Pierre pulling his carriage:

While I by no means agree with the caleche industry, and think it should be banned, I've got to hand it to this driver - that was a pretty ballsy move and he's standing up for himself. And while there's a very good chance he's not one of the drivers who mistreats their animal, the whole caleche tradition allows for it too much to justify its existence.