Video Shows Plane Almost Crash Into Cars On Canadian Highway

In a video shared on Instagram late last night, a small airplane is caught careening out of the sky right between two cars, nearly hitting the videographer's car before hitting the ground.

The video was captured on a driver's dash cam as he was driving along 16th Avenue in Markham, Ontario, near Highway 404. Watch the shocking video below.

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TL;DR A video of an airplane very nearly hitting a car in Ontario was caught on a dashcam and uploaded to Instagram. Watch the video below.

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In the video, you can see it's a beautiful day in Markham, perhaps what you might call a perfect day for flying.

However, after the driver takes a turn, he is quickly faced with an airplane, seemingly falling out of the sky. 

The incident occurred near the Buttonville airport and according to Global News, there were two people inside. 

The airplane inevitably crashed in the grass just to the side of the road where the pilot and passenger sustained minor injuries, according to CP24.

This afternoon the TSB deployed to the Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario, where a private single engine Cirrus SR20 aircraft received significant damage during a runway excursion #TSBAir

March 12, 2019

It was a privately owned plane and the crash occurred just after take-off, apparently because the plane did not rise fast enough, according to CTV News.

The Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the crash, which occurred just after 2 PM yesterday.

A crane was eventually required to remove the airplane from the crash site.

According to an interview with investigators, the people inside the plane were an instructor and a student.

They were in the process of practicing a "touch-and-go" exercise that requires the pilot to land and quickly take-off again, as the name implies.