Video Shows Quebec Driver On The Highway With Their Convertible Roof Down In -4°C Weather

The bravest person in the province.
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Video Shows Quebec Driver On The Highway With Their Convertible Roof Down In -4°C Weather

People in Quebec love to complain about the weather, but deep down they're proud of the grit it takes to survive in such brutal winter conditions. We can't help but smirk in pity at the poor souls in other parts of Canada who can't handle a Quebec-style storm.

People in Quebec are hardcore.

Nothing has proven that better this week than the hilarious antics that Montrealers got up to after a record storm dumped 40cm of snow on the city.

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TL;DR A video captured by Instagram user @souley_ shows a Quebec driver rolling down the highway with their convertible roof down in -4°C weather.

But a video posted today by Instagram user @souley_⁣ puts even those brave winter warriors to shame.

In the video, captured by @souley_ in the Montreal suburb of Rosemère, a driver can be seen rolling nonchalantly down a Quebec highway with their convertible roof down in -4°C weather.

The video is from last night — in the aftermath of the major snowstorm.

@mtlblogembedded via  

At least the driver appears to be wearing ear muffs?

Via souley_⁣

Rosemère (just north of Laval) is known for its wealth, so maybe the driver just wanted to perform a little conspicuous consumption? Or maybe they just really like the feeling of frigid wind?

We're really interested to see the aftermath of this little drive. That person's face must be completely frozen. Hopefully they moisturize religiously — that wind must be drying.

All joking aside, we hope they're okay. This could actually be dangerous.

This is the most typically Quebec thing we've seen all week.

Keep sending us your videos of wintertime foolery!

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