Video Shows Quebec Police Outsmart Cocky Motorcycle Drivers In High-Speed Chase

We've all seen some pretty impressive dashboard footage over the years. From a video of a plane almost crashing onto a Canadian highway to compilations of the dumbest drivers in Montreal, it feels like we've seen it all.

A recent video, which has gone viral online, is here to prove that there are still some antics that have never been caught on camera before.

The video, taken on Highway 15 in Quebec, shows motorcyclists performing some dangerous maneuvers and attempting to evade the cops.

The video's narrative, which takes us on a twisted path that leaves the resolution unclear until the end, is honestly more engaging than most action films.

The video, taken by Olivier Leblanc, was posted to Facebook on Sunday. It has since gathered over five thousand shares and more than one thousand comments.

The video shows two motorcyclists doing wheelies down the highways. Moments later, you can see a cop chasing them down the highway.

Watch the full video below:

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The pair think that they evaded the cops, quickly exiting the highway at the last minute and barely avoiding other cyclists as they merge.

However, the determined cop won't let this slide: he uses the hard shoulder to veer onto the exit and pursues the two.

Olivier Leblanc

I think this video gave me whiplash.

I just wish the camera had followed them after that. I need to know whether or not they were caught by police and, if so, how much they were fined.

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A spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec has told us that many people have reported the video since it was first posted online. The video has since been sent to the appropriate unit.

As of now, they do not have more details available to release to the public. We will update the story once more details become available.

You can watch the original video on Facebook here.