Video Shows Reckless Ontario Driver Cause Crazy Accident On Busy Highway

Impatient drivers are everywhere, all the time. Montreal has its fair share of terrible drivers, especially during rush hour. However, as a recent video shows, bad drivers do not only exist on the island of Montreal.

The video below shows a Toronto area driver causing a dangerous collision on Highway 410. The video in question shows a car cutting off another driver, causing the latter's car to spin out and do a 180 turn on the highway.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the driver who caused the accident.

The tweet below, shared by the Ontario Provincial Police, shows how the accident went down.

In the left HOV lane, we can see a black car getting dangerously close to the car in front of it.

It appears that the driver, angry and in a rush, decides to make a risky manoeuvre. The driver uses the median to pass the car in front.

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Immediately after passing the car, the driver brakes suddenly mere inches from the car behind.

This causes the beige car to slam into the dangerous driver's car and spin out on the highway.

A dash cam caught the whole thing on tape. Luckily, the dash cam owner had quick reflexes and managed to brake and avoid crashing into the beige car.

The other car involved in the crash speeds off. This is upsetting behaviour because the driver is obviously aware that he just cut off a car and caused a collision. The driver nevertheless chooses to speed off, absolving themselves of any responsibility.

Many people are commenting on the tweet to say that passing on the median is an unfortunately common occurrence on this stretch of the highway. 

Police are encouraging anyone with information to contact the Port Credit OPP at 905-278-6131.

Police are asking for the public's help to find a car which made a dangerous manoeuvre on Ontario's Highway 410, causing a car to lose control and spin out, ending up turned around in the wrong direction on the highway.