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Video Shows What Canadian Model "Zombie Boy" Looked Like Without His Tattoos

Simply incredible.
Video Shows What Canadian Model "Zombie Boy" Looked Like Without His Tattoos

Last night the Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy was found dead in his Montreal apartment. 

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Genest was an actor, and fashion model who was infamous for having his entire body tattooed as a skeleton. Over the years Genest was featured in Lady GaGa's born this way video:

He had a cameo in the movie 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves: 

He was also featured in a BBC showcalled Silent Witness: Awakening as well as a few movie shorts

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His look was so fascinating that it was even sipped off by the makers who Suicide Squad who based the look of the villain El Diablo on Genest tattoos. 

But what did he look like without all the tattoos?

Well it turns out we have the answer. A few years ago, Genest was part of a L'Oreal campaign called "Go Beyond the Cover" where a makeup team covered up all of his tattoos with concealer:

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