Videos Of Confirmed Tornado Tearing Through Ontario And Quebec This Weekend

Environment Canada has confirmed that a tornado developed "about 10 km southeast of Gatineau Airport" around 6 PM on this past Sunday evening.

The tornado then moved along the Ottawa River, crossed it, and eventually came ashore on the Ontario side of the river.

Videos and photos below show the extensive wind damage that occurred in several locations around Ottawa's east end and along the Ottawa River.

Environment Canada has also confirmed that there was one injury related to the tornado that was seen tearing through the Ottawa River area this weekend. 

Areas notably affected include Orleans, where a funnel cloud was seen. Damage included trees that were blown down and shingles that were torn from the tops of people's homes.

The CBC also indicated that the weather systems moving through the area provided the perfect recipe for this kind of weather event. It was cool early in the day but then warmed up radically later in the day, jumping from 12°C or 13°C to 21°C right before the tornado began.

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Several roads in the Orleans area were closed due to the extensive damage. There were also reports of a funnel in the Rockland area later on in the evening, closer to 7 PM.

According to Environment Canada, the "preliminary strength" of the tornado was a "low-end EF-1" which indicates peak winds reached somewhere around 135 km/h.

I can only imagine how terrified people in the area must have been, and I'm glad that they are only reporting one injury at this time. 

Environment Canada has indicated that this is just a summary of notable events and they will likely do a full report once a damage surveyor has assessed the noted areas when they go out to investigate today. 

To read the full Environment Canada report, head to their Weather Summaries page here. To read CBC's article about the events, head to their page here.

Gatineau, Quebec and the Ottawa area in Ontario faced a frightening event this weekend, with Environment Quebec confirming that a tornado reached "low-end EF-1" status this past Sunday evening.