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Video Showing Montrealers Fighting Cops At Anti-Police Brutality Protest

Once again things got violent last night.
Video Showing Montrealers Fighting Cops At Anti-Police Brutality Protest

Yesterday, Montreal held their annual anti-police brutality protest, as they've been doing every year since 1997. 

The "peaceful protest" took a brutal turn resulting in a number of assaults, vandalism and arrests. 

By the end of the protest, 1 person had been taken to the hospital, 3 people were arrested and 3 police officers suffered minor injuries. 

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Here's a video published by stimulator on YouTube showing the police brutality protest:

200 people marched from Parc La Fontaine to Montreal's Gay village protesting discrimination and violence towards minorties in Montreal - which seems to be something I've been hearing a lot of lately.

Wearing riot gear, police used pepper spray and tear gas to control the crowd, while protesters began throwing firecrackers and other objects at the police officers.

Here's another video showing a different, unedited perspective. 

Now, I'm a little conflicted here. I am all for protesting police brutality and violence, every day - but at a certain point when the public takes things to the extreme, it just adds to the problem. 

This should never be the result of what was supposed to be a "peaceful" protest. 

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