This Guy Asked Strangers To See The Last Photo On Their Phone. Their Reaction Will Surprise You

See a city through the last photos of its residents.

What are you snapping pics of Montreal? Are they heartfelt moments, images of debauchery, or something entirely raunchy? Don't stress, you won't actually have to show us, but artist Ivan Cash has posed the same question to residents all around the city of San Francisco in his 'Last Photo' video series.

Politely asking people to show the last photo taken on their phone, Cash then asks them to give the background story of their personal picture. Some are zany stories of drugged up adventures, others more emotional, or just plain ordinary. Through a single photo, Cash peeks into the life of San Francisco residents, showcasing the unique vibe of the city. Check it out below.

Should Cash come visit Montreal and do the same? Would you be willing to show your last pic? Tell us so in the comments below.

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