Viewers And Critics Agree: "Someone Great" Might Have The Best Soundtrack In Netflix History

The soundtrack totally makes this movie.
Viewers And Critics Agree: "Someone Great" Might Have The Best Soundtrack In Netflix History

New to Netflix this month is a hilarious romantic comedy called "Someone Great," and it is honestly the only rom-com you and your kitty-girl friends need to watch this year.

The film follows Jenny, played by Gina Rodriguez, as she comes to terms with a very fresh and visceral breakup with her boyfriend of 9 years. 

Alongside her are her two best friends, Blair and Erin, played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise, respectively. The trio travels through a day and night at a music festival in New York City, à la Broad City, complete with a RuPaul cameo.

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The trailer, above, gives a taste of how hilarious and heart-wrenching the movie is. And while those two feelings seem very contrary, some of the best comedies are ones that aren't afraid to get emotional.

Because emotional is real... and if this movie is anything, it's real. The depiction of female friendship is so spot on it hurts. This scene STOLE my heart:

All you Lizzo lovers out there will recognize her track "Truth Hurts" in the clip above. Other notable artists in the film include Lorde, Vampire Weekend, Twin Shadow, Phoebe Bridgers, Lil' Kim and more.

On top of the perfect depiction of a badass lady trio, the individual female characters are hilarious and really well-developed. Even as best friends, they really all have their own shit going on... like real people in real life do.

The movie does a really good job of making you die of heartbreak while also somehow appreciating the necessary un-coupling of two of the characters. 

Though, even while understanding the need for the breakup, I still wept like a friggen baby... and clearly, I wasn't the only one.

It really does manage to get you right in the feels. 

The acting is really well done and understated, and seamlessly integrates hilarious moments between sad ones.

Also, there's no ignoring the sweet RuPaul cameo, which was completely un-teased so it really came as a beautiful little surprise.

Who doesn't love a lil RuPaul in their life?

I can't recommend this female-directed film enough. All the actors blew me away and I was left to be a puddle of tears for at least 20 minutes after finishing the film... and they were somehow tears of sadness, laughter and joy. That's a feat.

Watch the movie on Netflixright here. Check out a Spotify playlist with most of the tracks from the film here.