Montreal Mural Vandalized Less Than 2 Days After It Was Unveiled

Well it only took about 2 days for some moron to deface one of the city's newest murals. On Wednesday, June 24, the mural by Jérôme Poirier was vandalized and people don't seem too happy about it. The mural which was an homage to the band, Beaux Dommages', first album now reads "Vive la St-Jean." Because what better way to celebrate the Fete Nationale than by ruining beautiful artwork and drawing a giant dick right in the middle of it?

I wonder if the "tagger" - no wait, "tagger" is too nice. Let's call them "crap weasel". I wonder if the crap weasel even realizes they wrote "vive" in front of the dick pic. I guess that means they must really love dick, because apparently they felt the need to write "hooray for dicks" on a wall.

Thankfully steps have already been taken to ensure that the mural is fixed and returned to its former dick-less glory.