Vintage Montreal Metro Ad From 1976

Back when things were a bit more simple...and colourful.
Vintage Montreal Metro Ad From 1976

Montreal Metro, "Doin' it our way!"

This adorkable Laverne & Shirley-esque 1976 Montreal Metro ad takes place at the Atwater Metro Station and features of colorful cast of characters. Check out the rhythm! Check out the sweaters! Check out the massive collars! -- Totally check out a moustache-ioed Paul Rudd Sr. at 0:13 seconds, and again at 0:31!

This video makes a fella want to grab a Super 8 (8mm) videocamera, a Tab Soda, some "grass", and go save the environment! -- One choreographed metro ride at a time. This land is your land, this land is my land.

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