7 Montreal Museums You Can Attend For Free In September 2018

Did you feel that cool morning breeze in the air this morning? I sure did. And I slept like a baby. 

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When colder weather comes around, you know what that means. Indoor activity time! We are lucky to live in a city with so many museums and cultural activities to participate in. Although these activities are abundant, it seems like citizens might not be attending and taking advantage of these cultural resources as much as they could. 

The government of Quebec wants YOU to go to the museum, yes you! As of early June 2018, they have just pledged to invest a high sum - 5 million dollars, over the next 5-years to make free-entry to multiple museums across the province possible.

On this first Sunday of the month, admission to the collections and discovery exhibitions is free. Take the opportunity to visit “Mnemosyne” and “From the Hands of the Masters II,” which will end next week!https://t.co/XRZH3l7vhU

August 3, 2018

Quebec residents have free access to museums across the province on the first Sunday of each month, this coming month it will be on Sunday, September 2nd.

In Montreal, there will be a total of seven museums participating in the free museum day. And here they are:

Everything you need to know

What: FREE museum day
Where: Participating museums (list above)
When: First Sunday of each month!

For more info visit the Government of Quebec's site HERE.

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