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Montreal Walmarts Might Soon Sell Alcohol

Let's go grab a beer at Walmart.
Montreal Walmarts Might Soon Sell Alcohol

After being denied a permit on several occasions, Walmart is once again lobbying for the right to sell alcohol in their stores.

This is exciting news if you're not familiar with Quebec's laws regarding the sale of alcohol. So before you start getting too excited, here are 3 things to remember.

1. They won't be able to sell hard alcohol

Just because they can sell alcohol, doesn't mean they can sell the hard stuff. Only the SAQ can sell spirits in this province, so I'm afraid your Walmart selection will be made up of cheap beer and the same crappy "mixed drinks" you'll find at your average Couche-Tard. Forget about getting yourself some high end scotch at an affordable price because it ain't gonna happen.

2. The cheap beer won't be that cheap

You may think that since Walmart buys in bulk they can sell beer at a significant discount like the rest of their products, however that's not the case. Retailers have a limit for how cheap they can sell beer. Which is usually about $12.99 for a 12 pack. So basically Walmart won't be able to sell you beer any cheaper than your crappy corner dep.

3. They may get their permit denied

It's not like it worked the first time they tried, so who knows if this is even ever going to happen.

The point is, you'll probably be seeing similar news stories floating around in the next few days and I didnt want you guys to get your hopes up.


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