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Walter White’s Blue Meth Found In Canadian County

Is Jesse Pinkman expanding?
Walter White’s Blue Meth Found In Canadian County

Despite the death of Walter White, Heisenberg's famous "Blue Sky" is still in circulation.

Last Friday cops snagged 40 lbs of blue-colored methamphetamine worth $2.3 million from the back of an SUV in Canadian county, Oklahoma. The chemists of this batch don’t seem as innovative as Mr. White, using blue coloring to imitate the drug sold by Bryan Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad. This was most likely a ploy to cash in on the show's enormous popularity.

Apparently, the driver didn’t know he was transporting the drugs. He worked with police officers once they found the drugs to locate the source of the narcotics, which led them to a house in Missouri where police uncovered more meth.

It looks like colored methamphetamine is actually a trend in the US. “Smurf dope,” as the blue variety is known, was in circulation in the early 2000s. But it's not just blue-colored meth. Flavors like strawberry and chocolate are among other types of meth that drug dealers produce to market to a younger audience in the western US. Including these dyes however reduces the purity, making it a far cry from Walt’s allegedly 99% pure drug.

Busted for selling knock-off blue meth in Oklahoma? Better call Saul!

Source - Daily Mail

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