Want Good Italian Food? Go To Tartufo D'Oro

A new Italian eatery in Little Italy that's well worth checking out.
Want Good Italian Food? Go To Tartufo D'Oro

When you want good Italian food, you just go to Little Italy, right? If only it were that easy. Much like the name would suggest, Little Italy is filled with Italian eateries, and its hard to choose between the authentically delicous places and the tourist traps. Next time you have an Italian craving, we have a pro-tip for you, because the newly opened Tartufo D'Oro in Little Italy should be your new go-to. Simple and scrumptious, Tartufo D'Oro does traditional Italian food very well.

All good meals start with an appetizer (antipasto in Italian) and Tartufo gives you a few options. Try the the Antipasto Rustico, a for-two sized platter of Italian meats and cheeses. A plentiful variety of cheese grace the plate (smoked cavallo, fontina) and sliced meats (prosciutoo, capicollo, sappresata), along with duck vasetto (think duck pâté), giardiniera (Italian-style pickled veggies) and homemade focaccia. Or go exotic with the Il Picco salad/tomato tower with panko crusted, pan seared heirloom tomatoes, smoked mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto with balsamic vinaigrette.

Tartufo D'Oro's pastas are made in-house, and are great main course options. Although the main course options are limited, it was pretty hard to make a decision, since they all sounds very good. To try something a little different, I tried out the sweet potato and carrot stuffed ravioli with arugula pesto and fresh ricotta. A colourful combination, the dish is green on the outside and orange in the middle, reflecting the flavour combination of the sauce and stuffing. The smooth and zesty pesto pairs very well with the slightly sweet orange stuffing, both of which are balanced out by the creamy ricotta on top. A feast for the eyes and the tongue.

If carbs aren't your thing, go with the roasted Cornish hen served with herbed polenta and spicy mushrooms. The cornish hen was moist, tender, and juicy, which worked really well with the herbed polenta. Polenta is often either prepared like mushy porridge or like firm tofu, but Tartufo finds a tasty middle ground, as their polenta is soft and creamy but still holds its shape. Perfect for sopping up all of the meaty juices of the Cornish hen.

Save room for dessert people, because you don't want to miss out on Tartufo's sweets. For something a little less regular, try out the crêpes filled with mascarpone and basil, topped with a strawberry coulis and white chocolate shavings. Not your standard crepes, and deliciously interesting. Don't be turned off by the idea of basil in a dessert, the herb compliments the mascarpone and strawberry sauce to create a velvety and fruity flavour.

A sure-to-please dessert at Tartufo is the homemade Nutella and Amaretti cookie ice cream, topped with chocolate bark. No joke, this ice cream is like eating nutella, only better. Yes, I said it, better than actual Nutella. Rich, smooth, and chock full of the awesomeness of Nutella, you can tell the ice cream is homemade because it tastes epic and is unlike any ice cream your going to get in stores.

All in all, Tartudo D'Oro does Italian food as good (or better) than anywhere else in the city. In truth, the meal can be a little pricey, depending on your budget, and would make a great choice to take a date to impress them, or your parents (if they're buying). Thank God for groupon though, because the site offers a HUGE discount on dinners for two and for four, at almost a 50% discount. Get the groupon here. Now you have you no excuse not to check out Tartufo D'Oro.

For more info on Tartufo D'Oro, SURF their website, LIKE them on Facebook, and FOLLOW on Twitter.

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