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Warm And Sunny Weather Expected In Montreal This Weekend

Get out there and have some fun!
Warm And Sunny Weather Expected In Montreal This Weekend

Winter in Montreal has been pretty rough so far, and this week is no different. The city is currently being hit with a polar ice-wave that will bring icy cold temperatures to a neighbourhood near you.

Yesterday it was -12.3°C in Montreal and tonight won't be too bad with a low of -10°C. However tomorrow, we're expecting a low of -21°C and that's not counting the wind chill. 

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Luckily it looks like this weekend is going to be so beautiful that it will almost make up for the fact that it’s going to be cold as hell this week.

Starting on Friday, things will be heating up and the sun will be out for most of the weekend. 

According to The Weather Network, the temperature in Montreal will stay above 0°C until at least Monday and on Saturday we're expecting lots of sunshine and a high of 3°C! 

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Make the most of the weather while you still can because this may be the last sunny warm weekend we see for a while. Be sure to check out some of Montreal's outdoors events and Christmas markets before they're gone! 


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