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Warning: 42°C Heat Alert In Effect For Montreal

Brace yourselves.
Warning: 42°C Heat Alert In Effect For Montreal

September is nearly upon us, but the weather sure hasn't gotten the memo. Normally at this time of year, the average high temperature in Montreal is 23°C, but today we're expecting 28°C.

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And if you thought that was impressive, things are about to get a lot hotter out there. 

A heat warning has been issued at 4:54 AM for the areas of Châteauguay, La Prairie, Laval, Longueuil, Varennes, and Montreal. We can expect brutally warm and humid conditions between now and Wednesday. 

Temperatures will be around 30°C, but with the humidor it's going to feel like 40°C.

Tuesday is expected to be the worse day because the humidity level will be particularly high. We're expecting temperatures to reach up to 42C! 

Via theweathernetwork

Environment Canada is warning people to "change or report outdoor activities to cooler periods of the day. Reduce health risks to young children by cooling them often, hydrating them adequately and reducing their exposure to heat."

Things should be back to normal starting Thursday, but temperatures will remain above the seasonal average for at least the next two weeks.


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