Warning: Canada Is Going To Be Hit With Extreme Cold Temperatures This Week

Thanks, Siberia.
Warning: Canada Is Going To Be Hit With Extreme Cold Temperatures This Week

Though the month started out pretty mild, the last few weeks have been difficult for even the most hardy amongst us. Extreme weather fluctuations have led to super unpredictable road and sidewalk conditions. On Friday alone in Montreal Urgence Santé got over 100 slip-related calls per hour.

After all of these weather-related disasters, I've finally got some good news for you! Just kidding, it's all about to get worse. Much, much worse.

TL;DR Winds from Siberia are expected to bring in a cold front that will bring temperatures down to between 8 and 18 degrees colder than the average. All regions except Atlantic Canada and the south-east of British Columbia will be affected.

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Artic winds have been moving into the country over the past ten days, but these were countered by milder Pacific winds. The map below shows the temperature of the last ten days. Blue areas signify around-average temperatures, whereas green areas show the places that have had slightly below average temperatures.

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This is unfortunate news for those of us who thought it was pretty darn cold already. 

Here's a province-by-province breakdown, by region.

Pacific Canada

The worst of the cold weather is concentrated in central Canada, and, though Atlantic Canada will see cold temperatures, approximately 5 degrees below average temperatures, the drop will not be significant.

Central Canada

Expect temperatures ten to twenty degrees below seasonal averages (which are already at their low at this time of the year), with strong winds to boot.

Atlantic Canada

Consider yourself lucky, Atlantic Canada: you will more or less be spared from this cold front. Expect temperatures that are actually slightly above seasonal averages.


Quebec will see mixed temperatures, depending on the area you are in. Western Quebec will experience weather 10 to 20 degrees colder than average, whereas Montreal temperatures will drop 5 to 10 degrees below seasonal average.

For those of us who are visually inclined, this is what the country is going to look like this week.

Via Weather Network

Looks angry, right? Cold fronts are moving in from Siberia. SIBERIA, which does not have the reputation for being very warm. This will be the cause of the coldest air of the winter, 10 to 20 degrees below the normal temperatures. It be around for a while, too: expect this to last for about a week.

Luckily, this cold-weather pattern is going to recede a little, and starting February 3, temperatures will rise again, temporarily.

Are you ready for this?

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