Warning: Canadian Police Issue Fake $20 Bill Alert

Check your wallet!
Warning: Canadian Police Issue Fake $20 Bill Alert

The RCMP are warning the public this morning to be on the lookout for fake bills being circulated in Canada. 

The bills are said to look and feel exactly like the real ones but with one big difference.

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So far they've found mostly $20 bills, but also some $100 bills. So if you accept one in the next few days as change, do yourself a favor and give it a quick look over. 

The bills are marked with red Chinese writing on one side of the bill. 

“Residents and businesses are advised to carefully check bills during transactions and immediately report any suspicious bills to their local RCMP detachment.” - CTVNews

If you have a suspicious bill that doesn't have Chinese writing, you can always consult the Bank of Canada's guide to spot fake bills.


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