Warning: Coyote Savagely Attacks Montreal Woman And Her Dog On Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Imagine it was a kid?
Warning: Coyote Savagely Attacks Montreal Woman And Her Dog On Boulevard Saint-Laurent

A woman in Ahunstic-Cartierville was in for a surprise last week while taking her dogs out for a late night stroll.

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She was out walking her dogs as she usually does in the evenings.  Suddenly, she felt a presence looming in behind her. Before she even had a chance to blink and react, out of nowhere a wild coyote aggressively jumped and attacked her 7-year-old shih tzu Hally.

The woman began screaming as loud as she could, quickly waking up the entire neighborhood, sending them out onto their doorsteps to see what all the noise was about.

The coyote quickly became frightened by the presence of the neighbors and quickly fled the scene for a moment. But only to come back for a second full force attack, mauling the innocent dog as if it were his prey.

It was then that a brave neighbor picked up a tennis racket and began waving it at the coyote and throwing objects at it in an attempt to scare him off again. It worked, and the coyote released the dog and ran off again.

The people of the neighborhood are chilled by this event, and many worry about the safety of their small children who play outside in the alleyways and parks of the neighborhood.

The mayoress of the borough states that she will do everything in her power to help control the situation and that the administration does support cohabitation with these wild animals, but certainly not at the expense of public security.

The mayoress affirms that this woman did the right thing, she screamed loudly and startled the animal during the attack. Also signalling for help to come by. This is what anyone should proceed to do if they find themselves in this situation.


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