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Warning: Extreme Cold Temperatures Coming To Montreal

Bitter cold is on its way.
Warning: Extreme Cold Temperatures Coming To Montreal

This is not really a surprise, you can already feel the cold front in the frigid air this morning. It's currently minus 14, but actually feels like minus 18. Yep, it's pretty miserable out there. Hope you have gloves, hat, and a scarf handy.

I have bad news for you this morning Montreal, it's actually going to get colder. temperature are going to going to drop as the week goes on, and they will hit their lowest low on Friday and Saturday.

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TL;DR A bitter cold snap has arried in Montreal. As the week progresses, temperature are going to going to drop and will hit their lowest low of minus 24-degrees celcius on Friday and Saturday. 

Looks like this weekend is going to be all about staying indoors and snuggling on the couch with a hot cup of tea, wrapped burrito style in that throw blanket mom got you for Christmas. 

Via theweathernetwork

Via theweathernetwork

As you can see the lowest temperature is anticipated to be minus 25 on Friday evening. And with the windchill it might even hit lower than that.  

You feel how cold it is outside right now? Its going to be at least 10 degrees colder this weeked!

@smoothies_and_sunshineembedded via  

Alas - the cold snap won't last. Accroding to the 14-day trend, after the weekend passes, the temperature will steadily rise again, bringing back average temperatures for the last weeks of January.

Let's hope this is one of the few cold snaps hitting Montreal this winter.


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