Warning: Fake Ubers In Montreal Are Luring Women Into Their Cars

Last week, after coming out of a bar, Marie-Philippe Maurais did the responsible thing and called an Uber to get home. She spoke out publicly about her experience to warn other girls about this trend that is growing at a dangerous and unnerving pace.

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According to her account of the events, the car pulled up and after she asked him if he was her Uber, he responded yes. One of the first red flags that came up almost immediately is when the driver asked where she was going, which didn't make sense since Uber drivers already know that when you hail them.

Almost immediately afterwards, the driver slipped his hand under her shirt as she was sitting in the passenger seat. After she pulled away and said she did not want any part of this, the driver started to touch himself.

After the driver dropped her off she did not get a chance to take down his license plate and made as little eye contact with him as possible so it was difficult to give an accurate description of him. She has since filed a formal complaint at a police station.