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Warning: Forest Fires Are Out Of Control In Quebec This Summer

We even asked the U.S for help.
Warning: Forest Fires Are Out Of Control In Quebec This Summer

As we sit comfortably in our air-conditioned offices and schools,  an unprecedented amount of forest fires are raging on across the Quebec region.

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Just this week alone a source confirmed that there are 60 fires active across the province. And these are not small fires. I'm talking big blazing untamed forest fires. 

They are so bad this summer that the province of Quebec was required to get help from firefighters from provinces across Canada including Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, and from Parks Canada.

Quebec eventurned to the U.S for help! Firefighting resources from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine - are also pitching in to help our province fight the blazes. Only this once we will say - "thank you" U.S.A.

That said, this year alone Quebec has fought 357 fires, which is a steep incline from our normal yearly average of 276.  

Looking at the weather forecast for the next weeks, it's big sunny icons across the board, which is great for us in the city, but not so great for fighting fires.  Although I do prefer a sunny and dry summer, let's hope for a little bit of rain to help these 400 firefighters in battle. 


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