Warning: Freezing Rain Alert In Effect Across Quebec

Careful out there.
Warning: Freezing Rain Alert In Effect Across Quebec

Now that Christmas is over most people in Quebec are back at work, and just to make things a little more challenging the weather is not going to be taking it easy on us. Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning across the province of Quebec, so brace yourselves because it's going to get messy out there.

Snow is expected to start falling overnight, then on Friday it's going to get much warmer so the snow will turn into freezing rain.

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Here is the alert for the Montreal Area

Here is the alert of the Quebec City Area

Here are the alerts for the rest of Quebec 

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A low pressure system is expected to reach us this evening. The freezing rain is going to start early Friday morning over Western Quebec and later in the day over Central Quebec.

Freezing rain warnings are only issued by Environment Canada when the rain falling in sub-zero temperatures creates ice build-up and icy surfaces. That means highways, roads and sidewalks will be slippery and dangerous.

Be careful out there. 

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