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Warning: Freezing Rain Will Create Hazardous Road Conditions In Montreal This Weekend

It was just earlier this week that snowy conditions were announced across the province. We all impatiently waited (either in excitement or fear) of the upcoming snowstorm.

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TL;DR Quebec's weekend weather is expected to consist of alternating snow and freezing rain, with regular rain commencing by Sunday. Ice will first cover roads and sidewalks, while above-average temperatures will later melt most of the remaining snow. Snowfall is possible for Monday morning and freezing temperatures may return next week.

To our surprise, the complete opposite happened: a downpour of rain, melting snow, and slushy conditions – and a bunch of unimpressed Quebecers.

Unfortunately, the weather doesn't look like it'll be getting any better. In fact, if anything, this weekend is going to see even worse conditions. 

The Weather Network has issued a statement warning Quebec of alternating periods of snow and freezing rain over the weekend. There's really no better time to spend indoors than the next few days.

A Low pressure pocket, known as a "Colorado low," will rush northward into Quebec at the start of Saturday night, bringing with it heavy snowfall. Southern Quebec will quickly transition into freezing rain, which could lead to dangerous icy conditions on roads and sidewalks.

By Sunday, the freezing rain will just turn into regular, super boring rainfall. So expect it to be the gloomiest weather imagineable this weekend.

Closer to Quebec City, there is the possibility for snow through to Sunday afternoon, but it will most likely melt or turn into ice after freezing rain on Sunday night.

Light snowfall is also likely for Monday morning, but not enough to declare official winter weather. As for the temperatures in the province over the weekend, it's predicted things will be a lot warmer than usual. 

You'll want to enjoy it while you can though, as temperatures are set to drop once again next week. 

Despite the unwanted weather we'll experience over the next few days, have a great weekend Quebec!


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