Warning: Frost Advisory Alert Issued For Quebec... And It's Practically June

The transition to summer this year has felt particularly long. This May was one of the rainiest Mays on record, as we broke the record for most consecutive days of rain for the month.

And meteorologists with Environment Canada have predicted that the beginning of June will be colder and rainier than normal. These predictions are proving to be true, as there are currently frost warnings for many areas of Quebec.

There are seven regions affected by the frost advsiories, and two regions with rainfall warnings currently in effect. Yay, summer!

Frost advisories are issued when "temperatures are expected to reach the freezing mark during the growing season, leading to potential damage and destruction to plants and crops."

Environment Canada is saying that, for seven regions, temperatures will drop near freezing tonight. The regions affected are the following:

  • Abitibi

  • Charlevoix

  • La Tuque

  • Lac Saint-Jean

  • Laurentians

  • Minganie

  • Mont Laurier

  • Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier

  • Témiscamingue

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Luckily, Montreal is spared from the frost warning. The metropolis has experienced some cold weather recently, but the mercury is not expected to drop below 7 degrees.

Rain is also expected in much of Quebec today. Montreal, for example, will get about 5 millimetres of rain tonight.

Some regions are under a rainfall warning. Between 25 and 45 millimetres of rain is expected in Minganie and Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier.

Environment Canada has stated that, for the areas affected by the rainfall warning, "Rain at times heavy is expected beginning this evening through Friday morning."

They go on to say that "Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads."

Frost advisories are in effect for seven regions in Canada: Abitibi, Charlevoix, La Tuque, Lac Saint Jean, Laurentians, Minganie, Mont Laurier, Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier and Témiscamingue. Rainfall warnings are in effect for Minganie and Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier.

Read more about the advisories on Environment Canada's website.