Warning: The Government Has Issued A Recall Of These Condoms In Canada Because Of Low Burst Pressure

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Warning: The Government Has Issued A Recall Of These Condoms In Canada Because Of Low Burst Pressure

Health Canada is pretty adept at keeping consumers apprised of product recalls and possible risks. Canadians are lucky to have such a resource.

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TL;DR Durex is recalling RealFeel 20 ct condoms with batch seriel numbers 1000356816 and 1000443254. Scroll down for information on how to return the products.

This past fall, for example, Health Canada's widely circulated warning about E. coli in romaine lettuce prompted stores to rid their shelves of the vegetable and cosumers to dispose of the packages sitting in their refrigerators.

But Health Canada's warnings extend beyond the world of food and cover a wide range of health and safety products.

The latest recall is especially unfortunate given the critical function of the affected product.

The agency is now warning consumers about the possible shortcomings of DUREX brand RealFeel 20 ct condoms.

The recall began not after any reported malfunctions, but because the condoms are "not expected to meet the registered burst pressure specification at end of shelf-life." Health Canada further states that the recall is merely a "cautionary measure."


The affected RealFeel 20 ct condoms batch has a seriel number of 1000356816 and a model number of 97177. According to Global News, DUREX parent company RB Health has also recalled condoms with a seriel number of 1000443254.

The packaging of each individual condom indicates batch seriel number.

DUREX assures on its website that "there is no immediate safety concern" and that no other products are affected.

Consumers who have purchased RealFeel 20 ct condoms with either seriel number should call "1-800-320-9738 to receive instruction on returning [the] affected product." They may also email Consumer.relations@Rb.com with any questions.

Review the DUREX website for more information and photos of affected products.

Review the Health Canada statement here.

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