Warning: Ice Rain Alert In Effect For Most Of Quebec

Stay safe!
Warning: Ice Rain Alert In Effect For Most Of Quebec

Mother Nature has been kind to most of Quebec during the month of December, but it seems like that's about to come to an end. 

No, there isn't any snow headed our way (which also means Quebec likely won't have a white Christmas). However, Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for most of Southern Quebec at 4:16 AM EST Wednesday 19 December. 

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The following regions are affected: 

Beginning on Thursday night, Quebec is going to be hit with widespread freezing rain which is going to make the roads and sidewalk slippery and dangerous.

And of course, our newsfeeds are going to be flooded with videos like this one:

@librarian451embedded via  

Luckily the province isn’t expected be hit by a full blown ice-storm because warmer weather is headed our way, which means the ice-rain will eventually turn into heavy rain. 

Be careful out there!


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