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Warning: It's Going To  Be -6°C In Montreal Tonight

Fall is in full swing in Montreal, and is progressing nicely. Everything seems to be happening right on time this year - weather wise, that is.

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We're entering late October, and that means one thing: Cold. Yes, November is coming and gone are the early October days of random warm and sunny days; it's pretty much all cold and windy from here on out.

That said, this week is a turning point for the weather, as we will see temperatures drop drastically into the dreaded "minus" zone.  Sad emoji. 

A cold snap will begin tonight, as temperatures drop to -6 degrees overnight and stay below freezing throughout Thursday evening.

Via theweathernetwork

Now might be the best time to get that winter coat dry cleaned and ready to go because you'll most definitely be needing it this week. 

And although the Weather Networkdidpredict a very small amount of snow for this week, looks like the updated weather predictions say that it probably just fall as rain.

Your weather takeaway: stay bundled up, especially if you're going out in the evening, it's gonna be chilly!


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