Warning: It's Going To Feel Like 48°C In Montreal This Weekend

Bring it on, summer!
Warning: It's Going To Feel Like 48°C In Montreal This Weekend

Well, here we go, summer! 

This month has been up-and-down in Quebec when it comes to weather. We've had lots of rain, cooler days and much colder nights than expected.

In fact, the weird below average weather has created a massive breeding ground in Quebec for mosquitos as Environment Canada predicts a tougher season for the bloodsuckers in 2018. Though, we might be in luck with regard to mosquitos.

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 This week, Montreal can expect hot, hot temperatures reaching up to +48 degrees! In fact, we're going to see a stretch of days all hitting real-feel above +40 degrees! We're in for it, guys. The humidity is coming! 

The high humidity in Montreal over the next couple days will bring some possible thunderstorms into the city - which is totally fine by me. After that, though, the temperatures are going to be insane! 

Starting Friday, your daily highs will be above +30 degrees. Now combined with humidity, starting on Saturday the "real feel" temperatures will be above 40 degrees, for 4-days straight with Sunday's high being +48! 

Via TheWeatherNetwork

I suddenly feel so much concern and sympathy for anybody who needs to move this week! Moving in these temperatures is going to be intense, to say the least!

Make sure you keep water on hand and stay hydrated! Waste no time getting your A/C units back into your windows... and if possible, get outside to a beach or pool. 

It seems like the weather in Canada finally got the summer memo, as next week the humidity will ease off, but only slightly!

Via TheWeatherNetwork

In fact, the weather right up until mid-July will see daily highs reaching an average of about +28, with the humidity bringing temperatures above 30. 

Finally, summer is here - and it's back with a vengeance! 

You can find more details right here. 

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