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Warning: Jos Louis Shortage In Quebec

Our nightmares have come true.
Warning: Jos Louis Shortage In Quebec

You may remember that we had to break the sad news that the Jos Louis factory was forced to shut down in April due to the flooding that was happening in the Beauce region at the time.

Production was forced to cease as police began to conducted evacuations in the area. Beauce was one of the regions that undeniably faced some of the worst floodings of the season. 

Now, it seems, our nightmares are coming true. There is a shortage of Jos Louis in Quebec.

According to CJAD, there is now an official Jos Louis shortage as depanneurs and grocery stores have begun to run out of their stock of the tiny little cakes.

Also implicated in the shortage are other Vachon treasures, such as the May West and Half Moon cakes.

The Vachon factory, which resides in Ste-Marie just south of Quebec City, is still shut down with no set date to re-open.

The company has released a statement on their page that promises "Vachon will be back soon!" But they do confirm that production of the "beloved snack cakes has been temporarily halted."

The shut down was necessary to conduct the evacuation, but even now that the flooding has begun to subside, teams are still required to go in and conduct tests on the equipment and building to ensure safety.

CJAD confirms that"managers can't say when production may start up again," but you can subscribe to Vachon's e-mail list to get the latest news about when they hope to be up and running. 

The parent company of Canada Brands has apparently started seeking out the Vachon cakes from other parts of North America to appease the demand of the Quebec market, according to CJAD.

For now, we'll just have to bide our time until the factory re-opens and we can surround ourselves in the fluffy chocolatey cakes once more.

And if you see a box out there... will you buy one for me?

To read CJAD's full article, head to their page here

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