Warning: Major Power Outages Across Montreal

Thousands are without electricity.
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Warning: Major Power Outages Across Montreal

Cool weather has finally come to Montreal. After weeks of high temperatures, humidity, and dense smog, a rain storm broke the heat early this morning. But for many, the storm was less a blessing than a curse.

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The storm was particularly violent in some areas of southern Quebec and has left thousands across the province without power. In Montreal alone, according to the Hydro Québec website, over one thousand people have no electricity.

The area worst hit by the storm is south-west of the downtown core. Hundreds of Hydro customers in Pointe-St-Charles will be without power until later today. Almost two hundred more homes are in the dark in Dorval, while pockets of dozens of buildings across the Plateau-Mont-Royal are expected to regain electricity by noon.

This latest power outage comes at a relatively ideal time. Two weeks ago a brutal heat wave killed around one hundred people who didn't have access to cooling devices. 

As summer become hotter and winters become cooler, the Quebec power grid will experience tremendous strain. Even minor outages during extreme weather could be lethal.

More violent storms in every season, including more frequent and powerful hurricanes making their way to the Canadian eastern seaboard, will also lead to more power failures.

As it stands, Montreal in particular lacks the infrastructure to deal with this looming threat.


Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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