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Warning: Montreal Is Being Invaded By Wild Coyotes

Sixteen have been captured so far!
Warning: Montreal Is Being Invaded By Wild Coyotes

Montreal is a booming city, especially for coyotes. 

The population of wild coyotes has increased quite a bit recently, leading to more sighting and altercations with Montrealers, and it’s become an official “city problem.”

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As of now, six Montrealers have claimed to be attached by a wild coyote over this year, reports CTV. Dogs have also been attacked. 

Coyotes, otherwise known as “American jackals,” have always lived in the Montreal area. But now the canis-creatures are growing more aggressive.

Typically nocturnal, coyotes have been popping up in the middle of the day and in traffic-heavy streets like Papineau and Notre-Dame.  

Two “coyote trappers” have been hired by the City of Montreal. And if the city is throwing down money to corral up coyotes, then you know it’s a legitimate problem. 

As of now, sixteen coyotes have been captured.

But why now? Why are coyotes, an animal that has been part of the Montreal wildlife scene for years, suddenly becoming a problem?

The answer is two-fold, according to CTV. Coyotes don’t have any natural predators in the Montreal-area and people aren’t hunting or trapping them as much anymore. 

With no predators or persons trimming down the coyote population, the animal’s local population has swelled. 

If you want to avoid a coyote encounter (especially in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, where sightings have been more frequent) then you shouldn’t be leaving any form of food outdoors, recommends a wildlife protection officer. 

From loose food waste to your pet’s kibble, keep the food indoors, lest you attract a coyote. 

But if you do find yourself caught unawares, staring down a wild coyote, here's a guide on what you should do. Basically, don't run, try to seem as large-and-imposing as possible, and make lots of noise. 

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