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Warning: Montreal Is Getting Hit With A 20cm Snowstorm Today

Warning: Montreal Is Getting Hit With A 20cm Snowstorm Today

No one ever believes it when we say it, but March is statistically the worst month of the year when it comes to big winter snowstorms, sadly it's true.

What's worse is that they ususally come out of nowhere!

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TL;DR - Montreal's forecast called for 5-10 cm of melting snow, instead we're getting a huge 20 cm snowstorm.

Earlier this week the prediction was that Montreal would be hit with 5-10cm of light snow that would likely fall as rain.

Instead, we're expecting between 15-20cm of snow to fall over the city today and another few flurries tomorrow. You just never know what kind crazy weather March will be bringing our way.

We're also expecting that strong winds will cause local blowing snow and according to Environment Canada, everyone should consider modifying any non-essential travel.

Luckily for us the weather is actually supposed to be beautiful for the rest of the week, In fact we're expecting temperatures to hit up to 9°C on Friday!

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